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Summer 2014 Cutting Diet Part 2: Workouts and Whatnot

It’s the end of Week 2.

This week the diet parameters stayed exactly the same as last week, with the sole difference being that I went a bit liberal with a Friday night cheat, as I was dropping weight too fast. These pictures have me at 199.8. The lighting in the front picture is atrocious, and I still haven’t shaved, so I need to get the rug off and actually put a better picture up. I’d make a promise to have this done by Sunday, but you already know how THAT goes…

Summer 2014 Cut - Week 2

Summer 2014 Cut – Week 2

Summer 2014 Cut - Week 2

Summer 2014 Cut – Week 2

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See Me (or Review Me) On Thumbtack

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Rethinking IIFYM: Basics Before Bravado

Roast Beef Hash from The Mission in San Diego, CA

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